Workplace Health and Safety

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Everyone deserves fairness at work

No matter what you do for work, you deserve to be safe and respected on the job. But Brian Pallister hasn’t been treating working people fairly.

Since he’s been Premier, he has weakened workplace safety and health laws that protect workers and help them get home safe to their families. In spring 2018, he stripped unionized workers of access to the director of employment standards and gave the director the unilateral powers to dismiss complaints from any Manitoba worker.

He’s made it harder for workers to join a union by employers more opportunities to threaten workers during union drives. He’s legislated wage freezes for over 120,000 workers—regardless of their seniority or job performance.

This election, ask your local candidates where they stand on:

  • Making the health and safety laws that protect you at work stronger, not weaker.
  • The right for workers to negotiate fair contracts with their employer.
  • Allowing workers to choose to join a union by signing a union card
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Workplace Health and Safety
Workplace Health and Safety
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